Tomb of Adham Khan: The Bhool Bhulaiya of Delhi

An army general under the rule of Akbar, Adham Khan is said to be one of the greatest warriors and generals of his time. He was executed on Akbar’s orders for killing one of the king’s favourite generals; Ataga Khan. The tomb was built in 1561 in Mehrauli, very close to the Qutub Minar and is today, one of the many monuments protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.  


Image Credit-Parth.rkt

Also, known by the locals as Bhool Bhulaiya, was given the name due to its intriguing style of architecture and design. The tomb, like most monuments, is octagonal in shape with a huge single dome in the centre. It has narrow arch like entrances from all directions with the tomb of Adham Khan in the centre. It is said that, after his passing, his mother Maham Anga became distraught and passed away exactly on the fortieth day after him.

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