The Temples of Mahabharata: Yogmaya Temple

This 19th century temple is dedicated to Goddess Yogmaya, the sister of Lord Krishna. Located in Mehrauli near the Qutb Minar Complex, this is said to be one of the few temples that survived the Mughal period. During Aurangzeb’s rule, there were several failed attempts to convert this temple into a mosque. It eventually was used as a store room before it was rebuilt to the temple it is today.


Mentioned in 12th century Jain scripts as Yoginipura, the temple is believed to be built by the Pandavas. The temple houses an idol of Yogmaya that is made of black stone and placed in a marble well. The floors of the temple were originally of red stone but then topped with marble. Several priests around the area claim that the temple has been in existence for over 5000 years now, evolving in structure and purpose over the years.

The temple is a well sought location to celebrate the festivities of Navratri and the unique inter-faith festival of Phool Walon Ki Sair.

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