The Temples of Mahabharata: Bhairav Temple

One of the five temples that are in existence since Mahabharata, this temple in Purana Quila, as the name suggests is dedicated to Lord Bhairav. Legend states that this temple was built by the Pandavas while they were setting up capital in Indraprastha.

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Other legends state that the temple’s location is where Bheem prayed and gained his immense strength. The complete name of the temple is ‘Pandav Kaleen Sri Kilkari Bhairav’ and it is one of the few temples that is alcohol friendly. Several devotees bring alcohol as an offering to Lord Bhairav. There are two different shrines of Lord Bhairav, one where you can offer alcohol while the other, known as ‘Dudhiya Bhairav Mandir’ is where you can offer milk instead.

The temples original architecture is supported by modern additions giving it a contemporary look on the whole. The temple also houses the ‘Pandabon ka Kaun’, a well that stores water of special powers. The temple offers alcohol as Prashad, so make sure to check before giving it to your young ones.

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