Series: Effective travel tips for business travellers - Part II

Picking up from where we left in our last blog, here are some more corporate travel tips that will help you get a better experience from your business trips.


  • Create a conducive work space in your hotel room

If you are in the habit of working from your hotel room during your business trips, ensure you create a comfortable work space. Book a room that has a well-lit work desk with a comfortable chair. Ask for a high-speed internet connection. Also request for notepad and pen if you’re not carrying one. You can also choose to work out of the lobby or coffee shop if that is a more conducive ambience. Avoid sitting on the bed or couch while working.

Advantage: A proper work space helps you focus better and also avoids back pain and fatigue.

  • Stick to your schedule

Your trip should not be a reason to digress from your daily schedule. Stick to your sleep timing if you can. If you are in the habit of early morning work-outs, ensure you hit the gym. Don’t skip meals.

Advantage: It will help you keep energy levels high through the day.

  • Do not change your airline or hotel brand frequently

For frequent travellers, it will be convenient if you adhere to the same travel brands. This not only helps you garner loyalty points, more importantly it develops familiarity. The airline and hotel starts to recognise you and may also go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable through your journey.

Advantage: You would know your way around while your preferences would also be taken care of.

  • Take a break. Relax.

Business travel also gives you the opportunity to explore a new city. So take this time to make a small sightseeing tour/shopping trip in the city. Experience local life, savour local food or attend an event of your choice. Taking a day extra to unwind can drastically transform your business trip experience.

Advantage: A break after a hectic business trip can be comforting. It leaves you refreshed and lets you take home happy memories from your business travel.

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