Series: Effective travel tips for business travellers - Part I

Business trips can be exhausting - both physically and mentally. While travelling 4 - 5 times a month can take a toll on your health, hectic schedules, stressful meetings and time away from family can also affect your mental peace. That’s why we bring to you a few travel tips that can transform your business trip into a more pleasurable experience.


1. Pack light.

Spend some time thinking over what you’d like to wear during your trip. Is it a formal meeting or a cocktail networking session? What is the temperature of the city you are travelling to and how long is your trip? Select your clothes accordingly. Don’t over-pack. If you’re on a longer visit, use the laundry facility at hotels to wash and re-wear your clothes. Also avoid carrying knick-knacks as toothbrushes, shaving kit, hair dryer as they are readily available at all business hotels.

Advantage: Skip check-in baggage and cut down waiting time at luggage arrival belts

2. Take electronic back-up of official documents

Create a checklist before you travel of all the important documents that you need to carry - presentations, agreement forms, business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. Store them in your laptop, take hard copies and also back them up on external storage devices such as a USB or a hard disk.

Advantage: You don’t have to panic if something goes missing. You already have another back up to help you pull through the situation.

Read our next blog for more effective tips on corporate travel.

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