Imam Zamin’s Tomb: Another Tomb of the Qutub Complex

Located very close to the Qutub Complex, this tomb is of the great Imam Zamin. Built during his time, it was built during the 15th century by Imam Zamin himself. He was then later buried there in the year 1538. Built out of sandstone with an octagonal structure, the tomb is like most ancient tombs that are found throughout the city.

Image Credit-Arun

One of the many monuments within the Qutub Complex, this tomb is located right next to the very popular Alai Darwaza. The interiors of the tomb have some intricate detail that is finished with white plaster.

Apart from this quaint tomb, you can also explore the many 16th century structures in Qutub Complex. While some have been restored and renovated, there have been a few that have been standing strong for over 1200 years now.

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