Churi Wali Gali: A Paradise of Bangles

As the name suggests, this busy street is a one stop destination if you’re on the hunt for bangles. The street is said to exist since the rule of great Mughal emperor Shahjahan and consists of several stalls that sell a variety of bangles. The street is in the Labyrinth we all know as Chandni Chowk and can be hard to find. Although it is worth the search, as it sports a collection of bangles like no other.


The street has several stalls, most of which have been in the business for many generations. Think of a design on a bangle and you might just find it here. With traditional designs and patterns on bangles made from glass, metal and other materials, the market has a never-ending collection. The market opens at about 11 am and shines through the late evening with lights and decorations. A place that you must visit during your stay in Delhi.

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