Alauddin Khalji Tomb and Madarsa: In Memory of the Sultan of Delhi

Part of the ancient Qutub Complex, Alauddin Khalji’s Tomb is a beautiful L-shaped building that dates to 1316 AD. He was the second Sultan of Delhi from the Khilji Dynasty and ruled the region from 1296 to 1316 AD. There is also a Madrasa, which is an Islamic seminary, located next to the building that houses the tomb.

The main building once had a glorious dome, which was damaged over the years due to lack of maintenance. Several parts of the building were restored recently as they were damaged and in very poor condition.

Another structure that is around the tomb is the Alai Minar, which the Sultan built as a competition to the Qutub Minar. Unfortunately, it could not be completed as construction had reached only the first storey when the ruler breathed his last.

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